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VALOR Clinic Foundation provides assistance accessing benefits, and shelter to Veterans with limited or no access to care and shelter to Veterans who due to health or means are unable to find or keep shelter of their own and Post Traumatic Stress resources to Veterans through our Veterans Unstoppable program. To improve the lives of our nations Veterans. We strive to provide nation wide integrated medical care in the future.


PURPOSE: To improve access to, and quality of Health Care and shelter for nations Veterans.

METHOD: By providing integrated health care, life coaching and shelter to Veterans in need of assistance.

END STATE: Veterans receiving relevant effective treatments for service connected conditions and prepared to function and live as normal members of our free society.

Short Term Goals

Organize and execute initial fund drive season
Draft and submit $2M in grant requests
Build first Clinic in or around Bangor, PA
Build first Sanctuary, ideally on donated land in VA
Complete Set of Architect drawings for Bangor Clinic and Sanctuary
Integration strategy for Solar and Wind energy

Long Term Goals

Multiple Clinics in every state
One sanctuary in every state minimum
Effective Integrated Recovery program for homeless veterans
Efficient Modular Clinic design adaptable to treatment methods and location
Welcoming, Tranquil and functional Sanctuary design and program

VALOR Clinic Foundation is an equal opportunity source of assistance. VALOR Clinic will assist all Honorably and Other than Honorably discharged US Veterans, regardless of race, color, nationality, religion, gender or sexual orientation.

Valor Clinic Foundation
PO Box 315, Brodheadsville, PA 18322
501(c)3 Public Charity